Company rans with passion by radio amateurs from Eastern Europe for radio amateurs from Western Europe and rest of the World.


 Trips „kind of holiday for radio amateurs” and not only … (Georgia,  Poland, Crete). On site we provide: accommodation in houses equipped with transceivers & HF antennas, local cuisine, transport.

Die Reisen für Funkamateuren und nicht nur…. (Georgien, Polen, Kreta). An Ort und Stelle sorgen wir für die Unterkunft in den Häusern, Funkausrüstung mit KW-Antenne, einheimische Küche und Transport.

Viaggi per radioamatori e non soltanto … (Georgia, Polonia, Creta). Sul sito forniamo: alloggio in case con le apparecchiature radio e antenne KF, cucina locale, trasporto.

Туры для радиолюбителей и не только… (Грузия, Польша, Крит). На месте гарантируем: проживание в домах с радиооборудованием (трансиверами) и КВ антеннами. Предлогаем национальную кухню, транспорт.

アマチュアのためのツアーだけではなく…(ジョージア州、ポーランド、クレタ島)サイトでは、我々は提供:トランシーバおよびHFアンテナ、地元料理、転送および家での宿泊施設    国の真の顔を探索し、DXを作ります

Wyjazdy dla krótkofalowców i nie tylko … (Gruzja, Polska, Kreta). Na miejscu zapewniamy: zakwaterowanie w domach wraz ze sprzętem radiowym i antenami KF, lokalną kuchnię oraz transport.

About us

3SUN is a new company. We are radio amateurs who decided to change our hobbies (ham radio and travelling) into business. We would love to show You the true face of the East European countries (people and their every day life, natural home made food). We will enable You to enjoy the radio hobby during your stay in Eastern Europe without your care about transceivers, antennas transportation problems in planes and airports etc. Just put your passport, insurance, socks, pants and t-shirts in your bag and come to Cracow, Katowice, Tbilisi, Chania … and we will do the rest. Have a nice radio holiday with your friends or family.